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Pantry Closet Horror Stories [Facebook Live Video]

Nobody likes a messy pantry closet. Yet so many of us struggle with the horrors of a disorganized and neglected kitchen pantry! Where did we go wrong? And what can we do to help ourselves out?

In this Facebook Live video, I address these 3 common pantry closet horrors:

  1. Empty boxes of food that are put back on the shelves. When you finish the last of something, you throw it back on the shelf. Maybe you don’t have time to discard it. Maybe you want to “remind yourself later” that you’re all out. The catch? You don’t know they are empty until the exact moment you are craving that snack and find out—to your horror—it’s empty. Not fun!
  2. Not enough space. Is it really “not enough space”… or is it “too much stuff”?
  3. Food/spice spoilage. Did you even know that your spices had an expiration date? We can help you track those dates and stop wasting food!

Any of these problems sound familiar? Tune in to this Facebook video and learn how you can solve for them. No matter the size, shape or current state of your pantry closet, we can help! And don’t forget to explore our other social media pages for more fun videos!

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