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Stepping into your home where everything has a purpose and a place is an undeniable feeling. The serenity of uncluttered surfaces and streamlined drawers brings about peace in harmony in your space. It’s not just about snazzy labels on cute containers (though, yes, you’ll totally get those too); it’s about crafting organizing solutions that fit your lifestyle and are a breeze to keep up. Welcome to the Organized by Ellis way!

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We begin with a complimentary consultation where we learn about your needs (lifestyle, pain points, goals, aesthetic preference, budget) as well as the scope of the project. Our consultations can be in person or by Zoom. Contact us to schedule your consultation.


Service includes

  • Hands on organizing – we work with you side by side to understand how you use your space + items so we can create a system that works for you
  • Design + execute the layout of your space
  • Shop for products
  • Label and add finishing touches to create a new functional + aesthetically appealing space
  • Donation drop offs
  • Coordinate trash removal if needed


We will give you your back space and “Make Room For the Good Stuff”.

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