Everyone Needs Maintenance

Your home has been Organized by Ellis, but life’s always throwing curveballs, right? Changes in life cause changes in your belongings so we created our maintenance service. Our relationship extends beyond the initial transformation, we’re like a fairy godmother for your home. We swing by regularly, to keep things fresh and perfectly in tune with your ever-changing needs. Got some new stuff, new hobbies, new additions to your home? No sweat – we’ll tweak everything so it’s just right.


And the best part? You can kick back and relax, knowing we’ve got it all covered. With Organized by Ellis, it’s not just about getting organized once – it’s about enjoying that peace of mind, day in, day out so you can focus on the good stuff.


We schedule recurring sessions to revisit and refresh your space, maintaining the order and organization achieved during our initial collaboration.

Service includes


  • Adjusting spaces as your needs change and grow
  • Restock + refresh your spaces
  • Shop for organizing products
  • Label and add finishing touches to create a new functional + aesthetically appealing space
  • Donation drop offs
  • Coordinate trash removal if needed

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