2 women organizing a pantry

This is the service that keeps clients coming back – from decluttering your space to product selection. This service covers every detail and is tailored for the way you live. Your space will be transformed – giving you more freedom, more time and more enjoyment in the space you love.

2 women unpacking and organizing a kitchen

Moving is stressful – let us handle it for you. Enjoy a seamless transition into your new home with OBE by your side—we handle all your moving stress—from decluttering to packing, unpacking, to coordinating services and creating maintainable systems to keep things tidy all year long.

2 women organizing a large kitchen

From the moment you step in, your new space feels like home—easy and welcoming. We unpack and arrange everything just right, blending style with function. And don’t worry, keeping it tidy is a breeze with our simple systems. Just kick back and enjoy; we’ve got the details covered.

2 women staging a home for sale

Collaborating with Realtors is our jam! We specialize in preparing homes for sale, crafting spaces that invite potential buyers to envision their future. Our approach extends beyond mere organization, focusing on elevating the property’s overall market appeal.

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Our existing clients schedule sessions to refresh their space. Life’s changes create changes in your items. This touch up service keeps your place in top-notch condition, tailored to your ever evolving needs.

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We help you right size your space. We’ll be by your side, as together we sort, relocate and organize your items so they perfectly fit in your new space. It’s a team effort to make your downsizing journey smooth an amazing experience.

a woman decorating a Christmas tree

Holiday Decorating

Get ready for a stress-free holiday hosting experience! We’re here to boost your holiday spirit by taking care of decorations and organization. Let us handle the details, so you can have more time to enjoy the festivities.

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Let’s make your space uniquely yours! We’ll design and set up personalized organizing solutions tailored just for you—no need for fancy products or containers. Say goodbye to clutter—we ensure every item finds its spot as we create a hassle-free space that’s uniquely yours.

one woman consulting with another woman at a computer

Pro-Organizer Consulting

Ready to boost your organizing biz? Whether starting or amping up, we’re here with personalized coaching—covering launch strategies, business planning and operations. Get set for insights that’ll supercharge your growth!

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“Getting organized changed my life! I’m a better mother, a better partner and all around a more happier person.”


Things we do in organizing sessions

✔ Walk-through your space + talk about your needs

✔ Photograph + measure

✔ Sort (with you or solo)

✔ Purge (we never get rid of anything without client’s say so)

✔ Design the layout

✔ Shop for products

✔ Label items

✔ Finishing touches

✔ Final walk-through

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