Home Remodel Prep

We Prep For Your Remodel The Right Way

You’re ready to start your home remodel but before the demo starts and the dust fills the rooms, we help you prepare and plan for your new space. organize and declutter belongings before the project begins. We feel it’s so important to really access your belongings before packing them up so that when your new space is complete you ONLY bring back into that beautiful and refreshed space the items you really love and use.


Ensuring your belongings are packed and organized properly throughout the remodeling phase is crucial for a seamless transition into the space once the project is complete. Additionally, we offer assistance with setting up a temporary space elsewhere within the home to maintain family routines and work functionality during construction.


We also work with clients and their designer ahead of the project to discuss existing functional shortcomings in the space and provide suggestions for optimizing its design to meet their current and future needs.

Start the process


We begin with a complimentary consultation. We learn about your needs (lifestyle, pain points, goals, aesthetic preference, budget) as well as the scope of the project. Consultations are either in person or by Zoom. Contact us to schedule your consultation.


Service include


  • Hands on editing – we work with you side by side to edit items before renovations
  • Pack
  • Unpack
  • Space design the new layout
  • Shop for products
  • Organize your new space
  • Label and finishing touches to create a new functional + aesthetically appealing space
  • Drop off donations
  • Break down boxes

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