Organizing Lite

Where Minimizing Is The Main Goal

Your space it precious but matching containers is not your priority. Or perhaps you already have all the containers you need and want help with better systems. Organizing Lite is our specialized service designed for clients who prioritize minimizing items and maximizing space. For this service, we don’t purchase any new organizing products. This streamlined service focuses on decluttering and creating efficient spaces while using what you already have to organize the spaces.


If you’re designing a new space, this is a perfect service to edit your belongings so you design your space with the right amount of contents in mind.


We approach your decluttering project systematically, one category at a time to ensure a thorough and efficient process. We guide you through a careful edit, helping you decide which items to keep. To align with minimizing efforts, we will repurpose any organizing products you already own, maximizing their utility in the new organizational scheme.

Start the process

We begin with a complimentary consultation. We learn about your needs (lifestyle, pain points, goals, aesthetic preference, budget) as well as the scope of the project. Consultations are either in person or by Zoom. Contact us to schedule your consultation.


Service includes


  • Side by side editing
  • Putting it back together
  • Donation drop offs
  • Coordinate trash removal

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