A decluttering effort left a closet full of shoes in different colors.

Decluttering with Love

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In the chaotic dance of daily life, our living spaces often bear the brunt of our busy schedules. Transforming your home into a serene haven however, doesn’t have to be a daunting task especially if you start small. Let’s embark on a journey of decluttering with love, while each step is infused with warmth and purpose therefore helping create a lasting change.

Create a Vision

Firstly to start this transformative process, we suggest envisioning the harmonious space you desire. Additionally we suggest you picture rooms bathed in natural light with everything in its own place, no clutter. Can’t you just basically hear the melodic music playing?! Now this vision will certainly become your guiding star, furthermore steering you through the exciting decluttering journey. 

A perfectly organized pantry

Begin With Gratitude

Firstly in this decluttering task we approach each item with gratitude. No need, however, to go full Marie Kondo, but take a moment to appreciate its role in your life, whether it’s a cherished memento or a practical tool. Generally this attitude of gratitude (love a good rhyme) sets the tone for a decluttering experience grounded in love and respect and not just tossing items for the sake of it.  Since you are starting from a place of love for your future selves it is what will help make the process of decluttering surprisingly smooth.

Transitioning from Chaos to Calm

Now, let’s delve into the practical steps of decluttering, seamlessly transitioning from chaos to calm. Basically you will start with one area at a time, be it a cluttered closet or a crowded kitchen or even one drawer. Just start somewhere, taking action is the goal.

A woman sitting on the floor of a kitchen decluttering.

First and Foremost

Begin your decluttering task with items that don’t hold sentimental value. Straightaway start with items that will be easy to get rid of or toss because that will help to start the momentum for decluttering. We don’t want to feel like we are trudging through mud particularly from the jump. Whenever you are decluttering you should create 4 piles, donate, trash, keep and relocate. During the process to make it more streamlined, set up one bag for trash, one bag for donate and one bag for relocate. (Pro tip: make sure to use a different color bag for trash so you don’t mix them up). For keep items, we especially like these Our Bins from The Container Store to define categories. It will, consequently make less of a mess (another rhyme!) as your work through your space.

Rediscover Hidden Treasures

Next, as you decluttering, you might stumble upon forgotten gems. These could be sentimental possessions that have served a purpose at some point in your life or may be just a hint of a memory. Ask yourself if they have outlived their purpose. If you want to keep  sentimental items,  display them so you can enjoy them, otherwise get rid of them. If it’s clothes you’re going through, do they align with your current style and fit you perfectly? Would you buy those clothes today?  If the answer is no, then say goodbye. 

Organize Strategically

Once you have finished decluttering your space next it’s time to relocate those items and get the  donations and trash bags out of the house. Just moving  them to the garage or the trunk of your car (yes, we see you!) doesn’t count.  You’re just making work for future you and that is who we are looking out for.

A group of shopping bags on a table, ready for decluttering.

Revitalize Your Space

Fantastic you’ve done the difficult part, congratulate yourself on a job well done and then get back in there. Next comes the particularly fun part! Now you get to infuse new energy into your living space by incorporating a new system. One that will last, like true love!

Quick Tips + Tools to Help

Finally, here are a few beginner tips for different spaces in your home after you have finished decluttering. If you’re doing a linen closet, using baskets like these Kiva Bins from The Container Store is a great way to keep sheet sets together. If you’re refreshing a drawer, a simple way to keep things from another disaster are these bamboo drawer organizers to keep things separated instead of just throwing stuff back in there. Further we suggest for closets, we also really love these Our Bins, they come in a variety of sizes from accessories to under the bed storage and they have lids, so nothing sneaks out. The best part about these bins is they look especially perfect with labels on them using this p-touch label maker.

A variety of storage containers for decluttering on a blue background.

We’ve Come So Far

As you stand in your newly decluttered space, take a moment to appreciate the transformation that you accomplished all by yourself, just kidding we certainly helped didn’t we?! 😉

Decluttering with love isn’t just about creating physical order; it is indeed also about fostering a sense of peace and harmony. Additionally, by embracing gratitude and incorporating thoughtful transitions, you’ve not only organized your surroundings and started creating new habits but consequently cultivated a space filled with love and tranquility for your future self.

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