4 Habits Organized Parents do Before Bedtime

4 Habits Organized Parents do Before Bedtime

If you’re a naturally organized parent chances are your kids are going to pick up a fair amount of tidy and on-time chops by example and osmosis (though alas, this is by no means guaranteed).  But if your universe is naturally more chaotic, teaching your children the joys of living organized will also teach you a few valuable things for your own life.

One thing I can guarantee is that a few moments of preparation in the evening can pay off for the whole next day with less stress and rushing around, for both grownups and kids. Plus, sleep experts tell us that a regular pre-bedtime ritual is a calming and satisfying routine that helps encourage sound sleep.

Here’s what organized parents do together with their young children to make the best of before bedtime:

60 minutes before bedtime – unplug

Shut off those electronics. Looking at devices keeps the brain stimulated.  Start the process of slowing down for the night about an hour before your kiddos hit the sack.

4 Habits Organized Parents do Before Bedtime
30 minutes before bedtime – tomorrow’s weather and activities

Take a moment to chat about the weather for the next day and then choose tomorrow’s outfit and set it out. Designate a spot to lay out the clothes and make sure that bags and backpack go by the door. This will make your morning less chaotic!

20 minutes before bedtime – gratitude and goals

In a small notebook, list 3 things your kids are grateful for today and 3 goals they want to accomplish tomorrow. Review yesterday’s list. This gratitude and goals routine gets them into a slower state and inspires sleep.

10 minutes before bedtime – storytime

Instead of choosing a short children’s book, consider reading a chapter each night of a children’s novel (that may be slightly more advanced reading). This helps kids look forward to bedtime!

Talk about these strategies with your partner so everyone’s on the same page. It really will make your life a little more organized.

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