3 Things to Save your Family from Morning Chaos!

3 Things to Save your Family from Morning Chaos!

Problems in the morning are often rooted in the fact that things should have been done the night before.

Think about whatever you can do in advance and fit that into your ‘evening’ routine!

1. Planning Is Key

  • Packing backpacks with homework, supplies, books, permission slips
  • Choose on tomorrows outfit – and locate shoes too
  • Setting out breakfast dishes, cereal, non-perishable items


2. Have a place for everything

  • Backpacks, jackets, lunch money, car keys
  • Post a checklist by the door to avoid frantic, last-minute searches


3. Do as you say

  • Prepare for yourself too. Remember that you’re a key part of the household.
  • If you’re prepared you can be available for the inevitable morning surprise….
  • Set your coffee pot the night before, choose your clothes, look at your schedule and make sure you have everything you need for work or to do errands.
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