Organizing Your Winter Wardrobe

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As the chilly winds of winter have been sweeping in, it’s time to embrace the coziness of the season and focus on organizing your winter wardrobe accordingly. Certainly there is a different challenge for a well-organized closet during the colder months when bulky sweaters, layers, and accessories come into play. This is our  favorite time of year because we love layers and cozy sweaters. So let’s explore effective strategies for your bustling winter wardrobe organization to ensure your closet remains a sanctuary of warmth, style and also sanity. 

First things first

Initially you will start by decluttering your wardrobe. Remove items that no longer serve you, are out of style, or don’t fit. Another tip we recommend is having a tote or basket for donations that stays in your closet all year round so when you see something you no longer want you toss it in there and take it to a donation site when it gets full. Consequently, creating this habit will make you and your closet lighter. Moreover this step will create space for your winter essentials and all of those new presents you received for the holidays. Overall it will ease the organization process and make your wardrobe more manageable.

Seasonal Rotation

Secondly, consider implementing a seasonal rotation system for your wardrobe. Store off-season clothes in sweater bags or separate stackable bins to maximize space. They’re practical, preserve your wool and are visually appealing. Furthermore, if you have a small space, using vacuum sealed bags to store off season clothing under your bed is a perfect solution. Select short bins that are specifically made for underbed storage. As for all those shorts, swimsuits and sandals, they can be rotated into those same containers when your summer wardrobe comes into play.

Categorize by Type + Function

Next organize your winter wardrobe by categorizing items based on type and function. Create separate sections for sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats. This certainly makes it easier to locate items and also helps maintain a neat and orderly closet.

Then we get into the nitty gritty

Wool, cashmere, and silk oh my! These sweater fabrics demand special care and special care is what they shall receive. Generally we suggest moth balls or cedar blocks to keep the pests at bay and secondly, think about hanging or folding the garment based on the type of fabric to take your wardrobe to the next level. This is especially key in not ruining a sweater’s shape and ensuring their longevity. For example, hanging a delicate knit sweater on a hanger may cause denting, so fold it instead.

To keep knits looking fresh, we recommend this great tool! It’s a sweater shaver. Keep it tucked in a drawer to remove pilling. This Conair fabric shaver is unquestionably one of our favorites.

A wooden hanger and a wooden hanger from a wardrobe on a blue background.

Additionally, there’s no need to make a fuss about everything, we like to create systems that you will follow. We love storing gloves and scarves in cute baskets, labeled of course! That way you can simply toss ‘em in when you’re done wearing them and congratulate yourself for putting them “away.” One of our favorite baskets to use is the Montauk lined basket from The Container Store. You can easily use their bin clips to label it as well.

A wardrobe box containing a pair of socks and a box of toilet paper.

Maximize Vertical Space

Winter wardrobes often include bulkier items, so regardless of your overall closet make the most of your vertical space. Install additional shelves, a lot of people don’t think to get shelves made, but it is cost efficient and makes a huge difference. Generally builders often don’t put in enough (we’ve got beef with some of you!) This ensures that every inch of your closet is optimized for storage. If you can’t add shelves there’s a great option by using these stackable Open Bins to really customize your space.

A stack of colorful sweaters in a clear wardrobe storage box.

Color Coordination

As with any time of year, organize your winter wardrobe by color to create a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate closet. This and matching hangers are my top two tips that make a huge impact. Group similar hues together, making it simple to put together stylish winter outfits without searching through your entire collection.

Shoe Organization

Additionally, winter footwear, including boots, can take up a significant amount of space. Invest in shoe racks or clear containers to keep your boots in good condition and easily visible. Using boot shapers keeps those tall boots upright and prevents them from falling over. This not only saves space but also prolongs the life of your winter footwear. We also like to have a boot tray by the door to keep the snow, slush and rain from being tracked all over the house.

A pair of brown boots on a wardrobe tray.

Enjoy Your Space!

Altogether a well-organized winter wardrobe certainly sets the foundation for a seamless and stylish season. Furthermore by decluttering, categorizing, and optimizing your closet space, you’ll not surprisingly,  make getting dressed a breeze but also extend the life of your winter garments. Embrace the beauty of winter fashion with a meticulously organized wardrobe that will certainly reflect your personal style and keeps you warm all season long. Finally, creating these habits will allow you to free up time in the long run and make room for the good stuff! Which is altogether the goal!

A row of colorful scarves hanging in a wardrobe.
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