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How to Organize your Refrigerator for Healthy Eating

Want to eat healthy? Put this plan into play. Organize your refrigerator today!

This has been an amazing year for us at OBE and we have one more fantastic announcement. I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve been selected as a Brand Ambassador for The Container Store!! It’s so exciting to be a part of this amazing team and I’m proud to represent such a stellar brand.

For our first project, we selected organizing the refrigerator for healthy eating – because it’s just what I needed in my own home and life. Even professional organizers have spaces that need new systems.

Our fridge had a real “minimalist vibe” going on. While that might be a chic approach for a closet, it’s not the best strategy for a refrigerator – especially if the goal is healthy eating.

Let’s just say this, in our house, the refrigerator veggie drawer is known as “The Rotter.” It’s where green beans go to die.

Confessions aside, I couldn’t be more thrilled to come up with solutions to help support our healthy lifestyle goals. I support my clients’ goals all the time. It was time take my own advice! So follow along as I show you how to organize your refrigerator… while I organize my own!

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Challenge 1:  Keeping fruits and veggies at hand – and FRESH

Berries come packed with antioxidants and have loads of nutritional value and my husband and I love them! But, we never buy them, because they go bad so quickly. We put the strawberries in “the rotter” and it feels like 24 hours later they’re inedible. Alas, these OXO GreenSaver containers came to the rescue as the perfect solution.

The removable basket promotes airflow, controls humidity and absorbs ethylene gas! So the berries stay fresh – all week long! There’s even a little chart inside the GreenSaver slider to show you which fruits and veggies need air, and which don’t.

OXO refrigerator berries

UPDATE: One week later – strawberries are as fresh as day 1 – all the other berries have been eaten – because they weren’t rotten

Challenge 2:  Maximizing and utilizing space – for your lifestyle

Like everything in organizing, in our fridge, food must be visible, or it doesn’t exist. I took this opportunity to rethink our habits. We use “the rotter” drawer because that’s what we’ve always done. And it’s supposed to control humidity to keep produce fresh. But it wasn’t working that way. Our produce was being ignored in that drawer. In our fridge we have the option to remove the drawers. So, I took one of the drawers out, and replaced it with the OXO GreenSaver’s. They fit nicely, right on drawer tray! Game changer!!  Finally! We can see all our yummy berries and they stay fresh! And still have one drawer for other veggies.

OXO crisper drawer

Challenge 3:  Not drinking soda

UGH! I’ll admit it. My worst habit is drinking diet coke. No judgments please, I’m working on it. For me, having better options available is key to kicking the habit. These carafes offer the perfect solution. We’ve been keeping two of these puppies on the counter filled with water and sliced citrus. Each day we refill. I put the little label on them to remind me that water is Better Than Soda.

Better than soda

Fridge Bins Wine Holder Clear + 51 oz. Carafe 1.5L

Organized refrigerator milk

For the oat and almond milk I used the – 34 oz. Carafe 1L

If we’re talking about options that are “better than soda”, having wine in the fridge to sip after a day of sorting makes me happy. I put a few of these iDesign wine holders to keep my vino ready and waiting for my after-work chill.

I used the smaller carafe (34 oz.) for our almond + oat milk. I just love being able to see how much we have left. Nothing bums me out more than going to make a smoothie, only to discover there isn’t enough almond milk.

Organized refrigerator dinner

Refrigerator Bin Set of 4 (1 wide bin, 1 large bin, 2 narrow bins)

Challenge 4:  Plan dinners

My hubby and I take turns planning dinners. Our challenge is that ingredients don’t always get used together because they aren’t grouped together in the refrigerator.

Placing these containers in the fridge for dinner ingredients keeps the guess work at bay. Such a simple solution!

Organized refrigerator snacks

Refrigerator Bin Set of 4

Challenge 5:  Have items for lunch and snacks

Like many, between our busy schedules and lack of planning, often we scramble for lunch and snacks. It’s key to keep these items visible and grab + go ready. Adjusting the shelves in our refrigerator to a better level and adding the bins from The Container Store helped put this plan into play.

Yes, we still have some single use plastic for our snacks, and we’re working on eliminating those by using snack size glass containers with the silicon lids – I LOVE them! We’ve already transitioned our food storage to glass. Next step: using glass snack containers, too.


Adding these few, well placed containers has changed the way we plan, prep and snack. Fruits are fresh and healthy meals are a breeze to cook. We have food in our fridge and it’s staying fresh, so we eat it. And we’re meeting our

healthy eating goals!


The Container Store has thousands of kitchen products designed to maximize space and make the most of your home and now through November 10, many of these incredible products are on sale as part of their Kitchen Sale!


Organizing your refrigerator for healthy eating is the perfect project to tackle BEFORE the holidays.  We’re here to support you! Call us for a consult and let’s get that organizing party started!

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