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Dressing Up Your Drawers (For Every Shape and Size!)

Ah, the notorious drawers of chaos! We’ve all got one (or more) lurking somewhere in our homes, waiting to ambush us with its cluttered contents. Opening them are like stepping into a black hole of random stuff, where socks mingle with batteries, and paper clips hold secret meetings with rubber bands. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back with a simple approach and a few trusty organizers to tame those wild drawers of any size.[/vc_column_text]


Time to Get Specific

First thing’s first – let’s give that drawer a purpose, a clear definition of what it’s meant to hold. Sure, this might be pretty straightforward with a flatware or dish towel drawer. The classic “junk” drawer? Let’s call it the “utility” drawer, and make sure it’s home to only items that actually assist you in your daily tasks.

Now, empty that drawer and take a good hard look at its chaotic contents. Sort everything into categories: trash/recycle, donate, and relocate. Bid farewell to those well-loved items or surplus supplies. Remember, an organized drawer can still look cluttered if it’s holding too much baggage. Let go, my friend!

Once you’ve decluttered like a champion, it’s time to add boundaries to keep that drawer in line. That’s right – we’re talking organizers! And hey, we’ve tested more than our fair share of them! Brace yourself for our favorite drawer-taming heroes:

Wide Drawers

For those grandiose, spacious drawers, the solution is simple—expandable drawer inserts or drawer organizers. With all that space, it’s important to create zones and individual zones for each item that will live in the drawer. Don’t want to splurge on custom drawer inserts? No problem, you can still get that custom-insert look with the right products. We love the Bamboo Stackable Drawer Organizers from The Container Store. Another go-to product is The Home Edit Acrylic Bin Organizer … you can’t go wrong with either! With their versatile configurations, they’ll stand tall amidst your sea of categories. And with a little Museum Gel, they won’t budge either. Say goodbye to the wild west of wide drawers!

A drawers filled with medicine and other items.

Narrow Drawers

Ah, the slender, dainty drawers that make us question their purpose. When dealing with these spaces (that are tighter than a pair of skinny jeans lol), our best advice is to confine them to a single category, like dish towels or wooden spoons. No need for drawer organizers here! But if the dimensions allow, try sneaking in a drawer divider, like the Bamboo Drawer Dividers (some of our favorites!) to create some specified zones. It’s all a game of spatial acrobatics!

A drawer full of towels in a white cabinet with drawers.

Deep Drawers

Modern homes love to flaunt their deep, wide drawers (and we’re here for it!!!). They are perfect for accommodating baking dishes and sets of cookware. But what about the vast emptiness that lies beneath? Fear not, for we shall divide and conquer! The number 1 best product for these spaces? Standing tall at 4 inches, your knights in shining armor, the Bamboo Deep Drawer Divider. They come in different lengths, ready to snugly fit between your categories.

Deep Drawers Dividers Wood

Shallow Drawers

Ah, the shallow drawer—a sly little devil hiding in desks and bathrooms, waiting to challenge your organizing prowess. Fear not, for we have uncovered a few hidden gems. Finding organizers that fit can be a tad tricky, but not impossible! Take a deep breath, grab a measuring tape, and dive in. The key is to find drawer organizers that won’t be too tall for your drawer – and we’ve got just the product for you! We often use and love the iDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers which you can find at The Container Store. They’re the perfect size for any shallow drawers you may have in the office or bathroom, and they also fit together like a puzzle!

A drawers filled with various items.

Now You Try!

So, don’t let the chaos of your notorious drawer intimidate you any longer. With the right approach and a touch of organization, you can transform it from a cluttered nightmare to a functional oasis. Embrace the opportunity to sort through its contents, bid farewell to unnecessary items, and redefine its purpose. By adding boundaries and utilizing clever organizers, you’ll regain control over your drawer and never fear its hidden treasures again. Remember, you’ve got this!

Need a bit of extra guidance with spaces that are specific to your own home? Reach out to us here for a consultation and the beginning of a journey to an organized life!

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