An emergency supply kit contained in a clear plastic container.

Building Your Ultimate Emergency Kit

We all prepare for a big disaster, hurricanes, tropical storms and here in SoCal, earthquakes. And having an emergency kit is a must for every family, big or small. But remember, it doesn’t have to be a big disaster for you to need some of these supplies. There could be a sudden power outage, a water main break or gas line break in your neighborhood. A tree could take down a power line and leave you in the dark, literally. In those moments, you’ll be glad you took a few small steps to creating your emergency kit. If you have nothing in place, now’s the time to start. It doesn’t need to be a big production, start small, but get something in place so you’re ready when the time comes. If you already have a kit, maybe it’s time to take it to the next level.

An emergency supply kit contained in a clear plastic container.

Building Your Emergency Food + Beverage Arsenal

First things first. Water. If you have nothing else in your kit, get yourself some water. It’s a non-negotiable. While large plastic jugs are common, consider water pouches that stay fresh for longer periods. Emergency purified water pouches, readily available in our Amazon shop, are a fantastic choice for immediate use. They are lightweight, extremely compact, and easy to access. These pouches not only save space but also stay fresher for longer, making them a step-up from traditional water jugs. To make your water supply even more reliable, invest in a quality water filtration system, providing clean drinking water when needed most.

After water, the foundation of any emergency kit starts with sustenance. When curating your emergency food and beverage stash, consider non-perishable items with a long shelf life. Pre-made emergency meals, canned goods, meat sticks and freeze-dried fruits are excellent choices. Check expiration dates every 6 months and rotate items to ensure freshness. Remember to put in your go-to goodies. The last thing you want during a stressful situation is to not have your favorite snacks. Got to keep everyone in a good mood after all.

An emergency drinking water packet on a blue background.

Shedding Light on Emergency Illumination

In times of crisis, there’s nothing more crucial than illumination. Flashlights and headlamps are your beacons in the darkness, guiding you through the unknown. Keep them within arm’s reach, well-organized, and accessible. Regularly turn them on and replace batteries as necessary to ensure they’re ready and in working condition. There’s nothing worse than reaching for a flashlight only to find it dim or lifeless. Recently, on my semi-annual emergency kit check, I discovered that one of the batteries in my headlamp had corroded. Don’t let this happen to you – stay vigilant in maintaining your emergency lighting equipment.

One of the best products around are the Red Cross Blackout Buddy power outage flashlights. They plug into an outlet and when the power goes out, these babies shine on! Then, you can take them out of the outlet and use them as a flashlight. Genius!!

Three red cross emergency blood pressure monitors on a white background.

Solar Power Chargers – Your Lifeline in Power Outages

In the event of an emergency, power outages are almost a certainty. While keeping your electronics charged with regular portable battery packs is essential, they too have a limit. This is where solar power chargers come to the rescue. These ingenious devices can be a literal lifesaver. Charge them by merely leaving them out in the sun, and you’ll have a constant source of power, even during extended power cuts. With a solar power charger in your emergency kit, you can rest assured that you won’t be left in the dark, and your essential devices will stay operational, keeping you connected and informed when it matters most.

An emergency solar power bank with a key ring.

The First Aid Kit

Alright, let’s dive into first aid kits – the unsung heroes of emergency prep! A well-stocked first aid kit is an indispensable part of your emergency prep. It should contain essential items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications. Now, I get it, you can go all DIY and hunt down each tiny item, then buy a separate organizer to house them, but here’s the scoop: why not take the easy route? Yep, you heard me right! You can skip all that legwork and just grab a pre-assembled first aid kit that you absolutely love. It’s a no-brainer, saves you time, and ensures you’re all set for whatever comes your way. We’ve got your back with a few of our personal faves, so you can get prepared without the fuss! Oh, and make sure everyone in your household knows where it’s located and how to use the contents.

An emergency blue metal box with a white cross on it.

The Grab-and-Go Bag

Let’s chat about the ultimate lifesaver – the grab-and-go bag! Picture this: chaos is unfolding, and you need to bolt out of your house or apartment in a flash. That’s when this trusty bag becomes your sidekick. It’s like Batman and Robin but for real-life emergencies! Pop in those crucial documents, a multi-tool for MacGyver moments, a trusty whistle for SOS signals, a notepad, and some trusty pens. But here’s the deal: make it yours, tailor it to your family’s unique needs, and don’t forget to give it a little makeover now and then to keep it fresh and ready for action. Because when it’s “go time,” you want to be the superhero, not the damsel in distress!

An emergency backpack equipped with a variety of items including gloves and glasses.

Pack in Some Fun!

When you can’t access devices or stream your favorite show, you’re going to have to go old school. Pack some cards, dice, drawing paper and markers to keep you and the family entertained.

Peace of Mind for Uncertain Times

In today’s world, the unexpected has become more commonplace. Natural disasters and emergency situations can disrupt our lives in an instant. However, by organizing a comprehensive emergency preparedness kit, you’re not just being smart; you’re giving yourself the gift of peace of mind. Remember, when disaster strikes, being prepared isn’t just an advantage – it’s your superpower. With your customized emergency prep kit, you’ll have the tools and resources to face unexpected challenges head-on. So, take the time to organize your kit, involve your family in the process, and ensure everyone knows the plan. By doing so, you’ll be ready to tackle any emergency that comes your way, ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved ones.

Need more organizing inspiration? Head over to our Instagram to see exactly how we put together an emergency prep kit. Happy organizing!

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