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3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Like a Pro

Springtime is just around the corner! It’s a time of rejuvenation and new beginnings for a lot of us. We love seeing the temperatures warm up and the flowers bloom. Much like our surroundings, we tend to take this opportunity to start fresh, which is likely why Spring cleaning is such a big deal. It’s a great ritual to partake in if you ask us, but let’s keep it real – even with this big clean we all partake in once a year, why do our homes still feel cluttered?

This got us wondering how we might actually get our homes under control once and for all. So this year, instead of focusing solely on the deep clean portion of Spring cleaning, we want to focus on 3 simple tips to get our spaces organized all year round!  

1. Tackle Those Troublesome Areas

It’s no secret, some spaces are harder to keep tidy than others. Maybe it’s the spot where you spend the most time in? Or the room that acts as a catch-all? There’s likely a space you’ve been avoiding. As you begin your Spring clean, take the time to add systems to these trouble spots or high traffic areas. To simply declutter isn’t enough! As time goes on, clutter is bound to pile up again if the right systems aren’t in place. Every person and home is different. To make sure these systems are easily maintained, create systems that make sense for you and your family. Want some inspiration for what seamless systems to implement in your own home? Head over to our Instagram to see how we transform different spaces!  

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2. Give EVERYTHING a Home

Not sure where to begin when creating organized systems in your home? A good place to start: creating a designated home for everything!  This is key to maintaining an organized space. As you do your Spring cleaning this year, take the opportunity to organize your belongings, not just clean surfaces or declutter. By assigning every item a designated home, you streamline your routine, making it easier to put things away and maintain cleanliness. When you know where something should go after using it, you don’t even need to put much thought into returning it.  Thus making the cleanup process easier!

A drawer filled with a variety of items that is in need of some spring cleaning.

3. Build New Habits

An organized system is nothing if not used! Remember, the best organizational systems are sometimes the simplest things that you train yourself to do over time. Essentially, you create a habit for maintaining the system so that you do it without thinking about it. Herein lies our third tip: establishing new habits! Forming the right habits is crucial to creating long-term changes in your daily routine. We suggest making these habits small and attainable, so they can be easily incorporated into your existing routine. Take note of the things you’re doing during your Spring cleaning and think about which ones could be done on a smaller scale more frequently throughout the year. For inspiration, check out our blog post on the 7 habits to become a more organized you.

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Make This Spring Cleaning Count

So, as you embark on your Spring cleaning journey this year, keep in mind our 3 tips for actually conquering the clutter once and for all. Tackling those troublesome areas, giving every item a home, and building new habits to upkeep your organizational systems will ensure your home will stay tidy.

If you need a little extra guidance on getting your home in tip top shape, checkout our Instagram to see our favorite organizing products and learn how we transform all corners of our client’s homes!

Happy Spring cleaning!

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